What is a Tetrode? A tetrode is a vaccum tube that is used in electronics. Don't tell anyone, but we just used that for our game's name because it sounded cool. Tetrode will be released on August 30th. It is a experimental sandbox project made with Gamemaker Studio. In Tetrode you play as a mining robot, stranded on a deserted planet after your ship crashes. You have one objective. Create a sucessful colony, as it doesn't look like you are leaving any time soon.

Website: www.tetrode.yolasite.com

The first version of Tetrode has been in development for 3 months and is semi-playable, including crafting, an inventory, enemies, skins, saves, weapons, combat, and much more! Multiplayer is planned for a later release, but we don't know when that is. A sign of friendly life will come in an upcoming update, adding even more fun to the mix! Look out for the next update!

So that's about it! We hope you enjoy it!


The Windows release is back on the site, so users looking for a more immersive experience can use it. The HTML build mainly works, but it is unstable and prone to errors like the inabillity to save and load worlds. Only use the HTML build if you are trying the game, or you use Linux/OSX.


Tetrode is now open source! Grab the Gamemaker project file here: http://tetrodesrc.yolasite.com/


I made a Google+ community to discuss Tetrode and other things. Check it out here: http://tinyurl.com/tetrodegplus


Soon, we will add donations to our page! The default donation amount is $5.00, but you can choose any amount. Every donation helps support the developers and the progress of Tetrode. For every donation more than $10.00, we will attempt to add a feature requested by the donor. Features can be items, blocks, enemies, or skins! Give more than $30.00, and your name will be put in a special donor's list! Donations are NEVER required, but always appreciated!

Wallpaper 1

Hey, we've just released our first wallpaper for the game! It is 1920x1080 but we will provide more sizes upon request!

More information

Published267 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
PublisherShrimp Entertainment with help from Creativity Corporation
Release date271 days ago
TagsRobots, Sandbox, Space, Survival
Average sessionDays or more
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityConfigurable controls


Wallpaper 1 (1920x1080) (127 kB)
Windows Installer (40 MB)

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